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Interior Design Internship

Interior Design is intended for students who wish to pursue a professional career in a creative multi-faceted discipline. If you are considering pursing a Bachelor of Interior Design, your education will allow for a range of career opportunities upon graduation.

A component of the Degree program is a 6-week internship in the summer after the completion of 3rd year. Students get the opportunity to apply their education in the field and develop a professional network and industry contacts. The completion of an internship while you are pursuing your Degree allows you to graduate with experience. 

The field of design is broad and varied. Students can pursue internships (and employment after graduation) in the following areas: Interior Design Consulting Firms, Architectural Firms, Corporations, Residential Interior Design Studios: Wholesale Sales, Retail Sales, Rendering Artist, Model Building, Furniture, Product, Textile Design, Kitchen and Bathroom Design and Set Design for Theatre, Television and Film.

Benefits of an Internship

There are numerous benefits to completing an internship. Below are just a few:

  • Internships allow students to ‘try-on’ a job to see it they like it. It is an opportunity to compare what you ‘think’ the job might be like to what it actually is.
  • During an internship, students will be mentored on the professional ethics required to be successful in the field.
  • Students are exposed to a variety of businesses, organizational structures in the field of design, and will understand the various types of design practices.
  • Students can apply their education in the field and get mentorship and coaching from professionals in the industry.
  • Through internships, students will meet numerous industry professionals and start to develop their professional network. The contacts they establish in the field through their internships become critical upon graduation.
  • Students develop confidence in their skills, talents and abilities during their internship. 
  • During an internship, students will be exposed to a range of suppliers, retailers, products and subcontractors. This exposure will help them to develop into a stronger designer.
  • After the successful completion of an internship students will have an industry reference for future job applications, not to mention new artifacts for their portfolio!

Requirements and How to Apply

Please visit the Bachelor of Interior Design program page to review program requirements and application process.

In order to be eligible to participate in the internship component, students must successfully complete all required 3rd year courses and successfully pass the Internship Work Integrated Planning Course (ARTI 315). 

Important Dates

Please visit the Bachelor of Interior Design program page to review important dates and deadlines.

Want More Information on the Interior Design Program at VIU?

If you are interested in applying to the Interior Design Program, please contact the Program Chair: Tamara Timbers at:

Or visit the Interior Design program page.

Vanessa Lloyd

"I completed an internship at Coastal Construction where I was part of the team that builds the West Coast’s most beautiful custom homes.  During my internship I had the opportunity to work on real projects and apply the skills I learned at VIU. My role in all of the projects I worked on changed often as the projects progressed, allowing me to participate in ...


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