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Baking and Co-operative Education


Learn Beyond the Classroom

VIU offers a Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate program (10 months) as well as a Baking and Pastry Arts Management Diploma (2 years). In both the certificate and diploma programs, students will be will go out on paid ten week co-ops that often results in permanent employment for the student following graduation.


Student Story

During my time at Sparkling Hill Resort, I learned so much about the industry. I started my co-op terrified, with very little confidence and not knowing what to expect. After completing my co-op and being hired full-time, I have created my own plating for desserts on the menu, and I’m currently helping with ordering, scheduling and inventory. I’ve found that school can teach you a great deal, but enhanced knowledge is going to come from being hands-on in the industry…I have done nothing but grow into this career and feel an even deeper passion for the trade. I have made so many professional connections through this position from Vancouver Island all the way to Australia. Most of the people that work in the kitchen are international, and it is so cool to learn about them and where they’ve been. I’m so thankful for the co-op opportunity I was offered as it was instrumental in my professional development. I would not be where I am today if co-op was not a required component of the baking program

Mel Beaudry — Baking Apprentice

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