VIU students

Current Students

Bachelor of Hospitality Management Co-operative Education

Applying for Opportunities

Students develop skills and learn how to research and explore opportunities within the fall preparation course to identify co-op work terms and can also apply to opportunities posted by employers on the Centre for Experiential Learning's job posting portal, the Experience Hub.

Before Your Co-op

Students must gain approval from their co-op faculty before accepting a co-op position to ensure it meets the standards of a suitable position.

Student must complete the co-op preparation courses as well as all academic courses before beginning a co-op work term. International students must ensure that they obtain an appropriate internship work permit.

All students are required to submit a work term record in the Experience Hub. The Work Term Record is used to ensure that the student, the employer, and Co-operative Education faculty have a full understanding of the requirements, deliverables and time lines of the work term.

The co-op faculty will review the Work Term Record to ensure that it meets all the requirements of the program. Students may not start their work term until an approved Work Term Record is entered into Experience Hub. Students must enter their co-op job information into the Experience Hub before June 30. Failure to provide the co-op work term details by the deadline date will result in the student being withdrawn from the course.

During Your Co-op

During the co-op work term, students are required to:

  • Meet the requirements and working dates of the co-op position as agreed to
  • Work a minimum of 420 hours during the work term period
  • Complete the Reflective Co-operative Education Student Assignment
  • Complete the Student Attribute Self-Assessment form in the Experience Hub
  • Complete, sign and upload the Waiver and Release Form into your co-op documents in the Experience Hub.
  • Participate in a Mid-point Assessment meeting; via phone, video, email or in person with your co-op faculty and co-op supervisor.

Important Resources

Students use VIULearn to view course content, to upload assignments and receive feedback from their Co-operative Education faculty.