Current Students

Interior Design Internship

The Interior Design Internship is an opportunity for students to gain experience in a professional work environment and apply their academic learning in the field. Students must complete the “Work Integrated Learning” planning course (ARTI 315), which is the prerequisite to the Summer Internship (ARTI 350). The internship is an excellent opportunity to see the diversity of positions that exist in the field.

Applying for Opportunities

Internships and job opportunities in the field of Interior Design are often developed through networking vs. traditional job postings. Rarely are internships posted online or sent to post secondary institutions, therefore students are often calling firms directly to create internship opportunities. Students will learn how to communicate and correspond with employers in ARTI 315. If employers contact the University with internship opportunities, the Program Coordinator will forward them to students directly (via D2L). All the materials students will need to produce in order to apply for an internship will be introduced in class.

Before your Internship

Once you secure an internship and the details of the offer have been confirmed, students will be responsible for the following:

  • Log into the CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning portal and register the internship opportunity. Your Program Coordinator will review the details of the Internship.
  • Once your internship has been approved, a letter of agreement will be drafted and sent to your host employer. This letter will reflect the details of the internship and make it ‘official’.
  • All required paperwork and assignments associated with ARTI 350 will be accessible in VIULearn.

During your Internship

During your internship you are taking advantage of every opportunity to learn and develop professionally in the field. In addition to all of the new skills and experiences you are being exposed to, you will be responsible for various assignments over the course of your internship. All assignments and course requirements will be accessible via VIULearn.

If you require assistance during your internship, please contact your Program Coordinator:

Alexis Beaubier

Important Resources

Third year Interior Design students registered in ARTI 315/ARTI 350 can access course materials in VIULearn

Students can access program forms via the CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning portal