Current Students

Recreation and Sport Management Diploma Co-operative Education

Applying for Opportunities

Locating a co-op is a collaborative process that is intended to simulate the experiences that students will likely encounter after they finish their academic experience. We do not use a placement model but rather an open employment model. The fall semester planning course teaches students various methods and processes for finding and securing opportunities through a variety of means. During the spring, students apply for co-op positions that appeals to them (just like a regular summer job) they are interviewed by the Partner in Learning and if successful, employed. Often the best co-ops are located by the student through their own network or direct contacts. We also have many co-op positions posted through the CareerVIU Work-Integrated Learning portal.

Once the student secures an appropriate co-op the completes a Work Term Record through Experience Hub; once approved by the Co-op Coordinator, a Letter of Agreement is sent to the Partner in Learning and student to verify the experience.

Before Your Co-op

Prerequisites for the co-op is to successfully complete the planning course assignments and receive credit for (RMGT 110 or RMGT 210), maintain a 2.33 GPA and prior approval from the Co-op Coordinator.

During Your Co-op

Typically we do two assessments for each co-op experience;

  1. Midpoint Assessment; most often this is done in a face-to-face meeting with the student, Partner in Learning and Co-op Coordinator (me), or VIU designate.
  2. Final Assessment; this is completed by the Partner in Learning and submitted to the Co-op Coordinator

The student is also required to complete a co-op report or assignment that highlights specific learning that occurred during the co-op experience.