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Internships in Kinesiology (KIN 473 and 474) are designed as experiential learning courses comprising two (2) separate concentrations distributed over the academic year.  The course begins with the fall semester blended learning environment focusing on preparing for a 60 or optional 120 hour internship experience that occurs in the following spring semester.

Interns have successfully completed an internship within regional school districts, community sports programs, local recreation facilities, health/wellness agencies, physiotherapy clinics, community care facilities and private clinics.  Many of these interns have used the internship as a practical introduction to admissions for graduate research programs, occupational, physiotherapy and chiropractic schools in Canada and internationally.

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Student Story

"Taking the KIN Internship course was one of the best decisions I could’ve made to launch into my professional career. Through the internship program I learned the key skills needed to take my first steps into the professional world, like learning how to write a professional resume and prepare for an interview. I was put out of my comfort zone but gained the skills and knowledge that allowed me to complete two successful internships. My internship experience was one that I really value, and I credit my professional confidence and maturity to the internship program. I am now entering the workforce as a well-equipped Kinesiology graduate with the experience and professionalism needed to peruse my career goals."

Hayley Tait,  Kinesiology Student

Active Solutions Health + Sport
Advanced Health + Sports Clinic
CBI Health
City of Yellowknife
Island Optimal Health + Performance
KnptnFit Strength and Conditioning

Loaded Movement Academy
Nanaimo Buccaneers Junior B Hockey Club
Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) Northwest
School for Strength
Sharpe Occupational Therapy Services Inc.
Urban Life Solutions (ULS)

Valley Physiotherapy
Vancouver Island Physiotherapy Clinic
Wildewood Health
Woodgrove Pines Clinic


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