Nihal Soni MBA student in building 210

Antony Prem

MBA Community Engagement Ambassador

Tony joined VIU's community engagement ambassador team in 2021, overseeing relationships between employers and students. He is an MBA student with an interest in marketing and public relations. 

 Tony has extensive experience in Client relationship management with clients in the UK, North America, and Australia. He has led teams that create and curate customer focused products and communication strategies. Tony is also passionate about the work we do with our charity partners and strives to deliver the highest standard of service. He was recently involved with the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce hosting a mini-golf tournament that helped generate donations for a local scholarship fund for students. 

Away from work, Tony has a keen interest in politics and aspires to run for public office, one day. You'll often find him engaging with large crowds in political rallies or hosting political debates on campus.

Areas of Expertise

Accomplished Client experience executive with over 5 years of experience in engaging with clients, training staff, enhancing user experience, and creating technical articles. Recognized for ability to derive insights from data and create communication strategies. Key skills include public speaking, relationship building, and problem-solving.

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