Nihal Soni MBA student in building 210

Malika Minotra

MBA Community Engagement Ambassador

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”

Not only do I believe this adage, but I try and live it as much as I can. At the very start of my MBA, I was always on the lookout for opportunities, that could help me further grow as a person and professional. Getting selected in the first batch of CEAs was indeed exciting and encouraging for me.

Like a lot of other international students, coming to Canada amidst COVID was extremely challenging. Everything looked difficult at first – meeting new people, making new friends, new connections. The one thing that helped me sail through was being a Community Engagement Ambassador. Being a CEA gave me the opportunity to showcase myself in front of employers, faculty, and fellow students. It helped me understand the Vancouver Island community faster than I could have imagined. From connecting to students, hosting networking events, to participating in the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce luncheons, I kept learning and growing at every step. There were still days when I got baffled but was able to cope because of our mentors – Cynthia Lange and Tawnya Hoff. They have been steady as a rock throughout my entire journey as a CEA. I am extremely grateful for getting this wonderful opportunity. I wish the future CEAs the best in their endeavors. I will cherish my memories of being a CEA and will continue to live like one, in the future as well – do whatever I can for the community!


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