Student Affairs Administration

Irlanda Price, MSW

Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs

The Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs is responsible for the overall strategic and operational direction of the Student Affairs Division at all campuses of Vancouver Island University, as well as oversight and responsibility for issues related to institutional student conduct. The Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs has administrative responsibility for policies such as the Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Student Conduct Code, the Student Academic Code of Conduct and the Academic Appeals Policy.

The Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs’ portfolio includes the office of the Director, Student Services (see below), Athletics & Recreation, Student Engagement and Experiential Learning, Assessments & Exam Invigilation Services, and the Student Conduct Office.

Email: Irlanda Price

Phone: 250.740.6570 

Brittany Parker, MBA

Manager, Student Affairs Administration

Brittany provides support and manages the daily operations of the Office of the Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs.  She is available to address any questions or concerns.

Email: Brittany Parker
Phone: 250.740.6594

Dr. Tina McComb, EdD

Director, Student Engagement & Experiential Learning (Centre for Experiential Learning)

Email: Tina McComb
Phone: 250.740.6426

Bryan Tinlin, MES

Director, Student Services

The Director of Student Services is responsible for strategic and operational planning providing direction and management of the student success and wellness portfolios for Student Affairs at all campuses of Vancouver Island University. These include Counselling, the Health and Wellness Clinic, Academic Advising, Financial Aid & Awards, Disability Access Services, Services for Aboriginal Students, Student Success Coach, the Sexual Conduct Education and Response Steering Committee and its sub-committees, and the Risk and Threat Assessment Team.

Email: Bryan Tinlin
Phone: 250.740.6406

Stephanie White, MA (Leadership)

Director High Performance Sport, Recreation & Physical Literacy

Phone: 250.740.6402

Imre Juurlink, MA (Criminology)

Conduct Manager, Student Conduct


Carol Mahedy, BCom

Administrative Assistant, Office of the AVP, Student Affairs

Carol provides support to the Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs, the Manager, Student Affairs, Financial Aid and Awards, Disability Access Services, and Assessments and Exam Invigilation Services. Carol is available to address any questions or concerns.

Email: Carol Mahedy
Phone: 250.740.6412

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