Benefits and Impacts of Coaching

Gain experience and develop graduate attributes that you can record on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR). 

Check out the Student Guide to add positions to your Co-Curricular Record.  The position name is Success Coaching and it is in the Student Affairs department. 

Coaching impacts thoughts, beliefs, and actions

Here are the ways Success Coaching has helped students:

  1. Identifying and clarifying goals
  2. Identifying and owning my strengths
  3. Renewing energy and building resilience
  4. Overcoming blocks and obstacles to achieving full potential
  5. Figuring out factors that contribute to my success
  6. Realizing things I tell myself that hold me back from pursuing my goals
  7. Becoming proactive; taking charge of myself and getting things done
  8. Shifting self-limiting beliefs and self-talk
  9. Being more positive and confident; moving out of my comfort zones
  10. Tackling difficulties without compromising or avoiding
  11. Adjusting or finding useful study strategies
  12. Creating strategies and actions for changing habits and achieving goals.
  13. Strengthening confidence & improving communication skills
  14. Organizing self and creating strategies to stay on track
  15. Balance and taking care of self

VIU student interacting with another student

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