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We believe that all students are capable of developing the capacity to be successful learners. Students who are interested in taking action towards enhancing their resilience and well-being and achieving their academic goals are encouraged meet with our Success Coach. Students who have been coached report feeling more confident and calm and take action to achieve their aspirations.

Rising to the Challenge of Uncertainty

We are all currently being challenged to shift into remote learning and working with the new current reality.  A whole-person approach is taken in coaching through this Success Coaching and does include developing self-regulation in learning. However, during these trying unprecedented times, the following desires for yourself might be most important right now:

  1. Maintaining inner calm and confidence 
  2. Developing clarity of choice in actions and ways of being
  3. Developing empathy, curiosity and activation in adapting to change, uncertainty, and challenge

Collaborate to gain support for personal & professional development and improving self-regulation of learning, well-being and success.

Document Your Learning

Develop graduate attributes and apply to have your personalized learning experience authenticated on your co-curricular record.


If you elect to start with a workshop, research would strongly suggest you engage in follow-up coaching conversations in order to put the new knowledge and skills learned in the workshop into practice.

“The authors found that while their training intervention with managers increased manager productivity by 22%, adding a one-to-one (8-week) coaching intervention after the training pushed productivity to 88%”

— Olivero, G., Bane, K.D., and Kopelman, R.E.

In light of the findings of this research, why not attend workshops that interest you and then follow up with some individualized 1:1 coaching to work on what would help you to clear the blocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals and desires for yourself.   

There is no charge to VIU students for Success Coaching - neither workshops nor 1:1 coaching.

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Learning outcomes for Student Success Coaching include:

  1. Set and achieve personal goals
  2. Set priorities to balance school, work and life
  3. Enhance self-care, well-being and resilience
  4. Develop self-regulation of learning
  5. Form habits for success in school and in life

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