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... is now available FREE to all students!

  • text to speech with documents or the web
  • study skills (highlighting, definitions, voice notes)
  • writing skills including word prediction
  • concept mapping (outlines and templates)


Inspiration concept mapping graphic (text not legible)

Concept Mapping
... two copies available at the Accessibility Stations - book stations for up to 3 hours per day.

  • create concept maps
  • use templates to get started
  • "flip" to linear outline
  • export to Word document

Study Help

Learning Matters- videos, tips and information to help you be a successful students

Success Coaching Workshops - a variety of topics to expand your thinking and give you tools and resources to try out for yourself.

Peer Supported Learning - informal study sessions led by senior students

Students Offering Support - Designed by students, for students and taught by A+ instructors to help you boost your marks.

Vancouver Island University Tutor Registry

Volunteer Tutor Program - A VIU initiative connecting volunteer tutors for students in select courses and programs.

How to Get the Most Out of Studying - video


CLOSE X Student Success Coaching