“NOTHING ABOUT US, WITHOUT US” – Disabled People’s Movement


I am very excited to be joining Accessibility Services this year. I come to DAS as a disability scholar which means that the focus of my MEd and PhD studies has been on the multitude of issues that involve disability and society such as: ableism, diversity, inclusion, advocacy, internalized oppression, disability rights and activism, and what to do with that “D” word. You may want to check out some of the publications below to get idea of what I’ve been up to!


With a background in Education, I have taught all kinds of learners throughout the lifespan, from preschool to senior citizen, in schools, in college/universities and for service and non-profit organizations. Most recently, I have been an Instructor at VIU and Camosun College in their respective Education Assistant and Community Support Worker programs. You will soon discover that I am passionate about teaching and learning and deeply committed your success.


My other passion is for the Arts. I love to sing, play the guitar and piano, and I am deeply involved in the Theatre community on Vancouver Island. If you don’t know this already, world-wide, there is a vibrant and growing Disability Arts community that is challenging and inspiring their audiences.


I have a little white fluffy dog, Minnie, who makes me laugh every day. My happy place is out in my canoe on a sunny day. And, I do talk to my flowers. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Contact me at





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