Mary Stasiuk, MSW, RSW

Mary sitting in a gnarled tree trunk“I am different, not less” –Dr. Temple Grandin

I’m an Access Specialist and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with University students with learning barriers for more that 12 years. The strength and persistence of students facing struggles, never ceases to inspire me! My areas of specialization are autism spectrum disorder, hearing loss, and/or mobility differences. 

I have a passion for student-led activities that help to increase connection and reduce the stigma of learning barriers. We all have many diverse identities…gender, class, culture, class, sexual orientation, survivor, etc. DisAbility is one part of what makes us unique.

I am very interested in social justice policy and funding for students which promotes diversity and inclusion. This fits well with my Masters of Social Work research on Child Poverty. I graduated from York University in Toronto and I have recently completed an Organizational Coaching Certificate at UBC.

I recharge with yoga, camping, hiking, biking and watching Netflicks. If I forget, remind me to enjoy taking a deep breath with you. I can be reached at