Energy Care & Well Being

Understand, Transform and Energize Your Whole Being

With the demands on us in today’s hectic world at school, home, or work, we can feel run down and low in energy despite our best efforts to look after ourselves.  Certain people or environments can drain our energy as can habits and negative patterns of thinking.  By becoming more conscious of our most precious resource, we can learn to use our energy more wisely.

  • Learn how your energy works - what depletes, blocks and replenishes it. 
  • Learn practical tools to calm and balance yourself in the moment, as well as conserve your energy.
  • Use these tools when taking exams, writing papers, giving presentations, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or you just need to steady yourself or change your energy.
  • Access your own Peace/Inner strength.

Some of the topics covered in this workshop include:  interacting with others, managing and balancing emotions, and the importance of mindfulness. Join this one hour session and replenish your energy.

The Health and Wellness Clinic is excited to introduce this new opportunity for VIU students.

Dates: Jan. 27, Feb. 24, Mar. 23, April 27, & May 25, 2020

Location:    - Jan-27-April 27 in  Bldg. 210/Room 358

- May 25:  Bldg 250/Room 402

Time: 3:00-4:00

Cost:  Free

To join: Email or drop in to session.

The workshop will be facilitated by Noelle Hanuse, Counsellor
Wvikinuxv and Klahoose Nations