“Talk To Me” Program

talk to me button

“Providing opportunities that support social connection and belonging among students”

To increase social connection (face to face or groups), teach social skills and increase opportunities for students to connect with one another.  Secondary goals include reducing the stigma of talking to strangers (people we don't know) thereby reducing loneliness among students.

This is not a group but more a campaign.  A group of us are trying to bring about change through various initiatives.  It will be achieved by organizing events to bring students together to meet one another, workshops to build skills needed to talk and connect with each other, challenging students to question their use of electronic devices and social media. One of the most significant mental health and social factors that face university student and North American society is isolation and loneliness.

Wearing a Talk to Me pin could mean...you want to meet more people on campus, face to face and you are okay if people you don't know start a conversation with you.

Talk to Me...have a conversation, meet new people and build connections!