“Talk To Me” Program

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Talk to Me

The Talk to Me program is designed to create connections among VIU students, to increase students’ sense of belonging and decrease feelings of loneliness. The Talk to Me team puts on events, promotes reflection around social media usage, helps to build social skills, and offers support and resources.

Talk to Me is not just a group but also a campaign; a campaign to create a more connected VIU campus culture!

Talk to Me...have a conversation, meet new people, and build connections!

Talk to Me Events

To get involved come out to one of our events and meet our great student staff and awesome participants!

Talk to Me events will begin again in September 2021; keep an eye on this webpage, our Facebook page, the Thrive Facebook and Instagram (#viuthrive) pages, and the Thrive group in the VIU Co-Curricular Record App and the VIUSU App for the latest info!

Talk to Me Campfire

Wear a Talk to Me Button

Another great way to get involved is to 'wear' a Talk to Me button - check out more info on this below!

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Follow us on the web, social media, and VIU's apps to stay up to date!


More information coming soon on volunteering opportunities for the 2021/2022 academic year. 

In-Person Talk to Me Buttons: 

Wearing a Talk to Me button means you want to meet more people on campus,  and you are okay if people you don't know start a conversation with you. 

Talk to Me buttons are a way of helping us connect to one another and starting a conversation!

Connect with us in person at one of our events to get your own Talk to Me Button. 

wearing a talk to me button

Virtual Talk to Me Button:

If you aren't on campus in person, you can also 'wear' a virtual Talk to Me button. 

Using a virtual Talk to Me button means that you are open to talking with students virtually. It is a way of letting others know you are interested in getting to know them and making connections!

How does the virtual Talk to Me button work?

Copy or download our button logo here. Use the logo as your social media profile picture, set it as your zoom background, or as your profile picture in VIULearn. Using the Talk to Me button as your background or profile lets your fellow students know you are interested in making new connections! And if you see someone else with a virtual Talk to Me button, feel free to connect with them!

VIU Talk to Me Button

Check back here soon for a list of upcoming Talk to Me Events for Fall 2021! We look forward to connecting with you!