Irene Champagne, M.Ed., RCC

Irene Champagne


I have worked as a therapist, counsellor, consultant, and therapist leader/educator, in a variety of human services settings, including educational institutions, hospitals, and community-based wellness programs for over 30 years. I have completed varied and comprehensive training in treating all forms of emotional distress. I have specialized in trauma treatment, compulsive behaviour recovery, sexual abuse recovery, marriage, family and relationship counselling, sexuality issues, and the enhancement of personal, professional, and academic success. The foundation of my work is based in mindfulness and compassion.

Students can bring any type of problem, struggle, or distress, and I will work with, and for them, to reduce emotional suffering in the present moment, resolve pain from the past, and enhance resilience in the face of potential future distress. Together, we can support stress management and help students develop tools to enhance functioning in all aspects of life. I have a broad holistic, academic, and experiential background in supporting healing and recovery from anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviours, and complex persistent psychosocial struggles.