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Staff Resources

CEL Resources for Staff and Faculty

The VIU Career Studio, located in Building 255, Room 204 operates as a physical space and virtual hub where students from all programs can find career development education, support and resources. At the Career Studio, we offer drop-in services, workshops, specialized appointments, and preparation for job search and events. 

Our most common services include: 

  • Resume and cover letter help 

  • Interview preparation and job search assistance 

  • Career exploration assistance 


Students interested in booking appointments with the Career Studio can do so via their VIU Experience Hub account: https://studentemployment.viu.ca/home.htm 

Any VIU programs or faculty members that would be interested in having their students participate in a career fair at VIU to connect with local employers, please email careerstudio@viu.ca. 

In 2022-2023, the VIU Career Studio organized 7 Career Fairs to connect students from multiple programs with over 100 diverse employers. 

VIU Faculty Departments that would like to express their interest in collaborating with the VIU Career Studio on an employer panel or labour market roundtable event during a particular academic year can email the VIU. 

These events will usually take 60-90 minutes, and the VIU Career Studio will aim to bring a panel of 4-6 employers or industry professionals to connect with 20-60 students from a related program.

Our team travels around campus to provide information booths, visit classrooms and clubs, and attend events to promote our services and provide workshops and info sessions! Faculty and VIU Staff interested in booking an  On-the-Road event should follow the Request for Career Studio On-the-Road form found on the Career Studio website. 

The Experience Hub is the Centre for Experiential Learning's online career, work-integrated learning, student employment, experiential learning, and student services platform that connects in-class learning with real world work experiences and opportunities. Designed to promote success by supporting students with relevant experiential learning, meaningful career opportunities and access to essential services, Experience Hub offers on and off-campus job postings, event calendars, career and advising appointments, work-integrated learning and experiential modules and more. The platform also supports staff/faculty and community partners with their needs for engaging students. 


A few of its features include: 

  • Option to have use of a custom appointment calendar for managing appointments with students 

  • Option to have use of custom events calendar for managing your event registrations and attendance 

  • Tracking of student experiences and documents related to experiences in the Experiential Learning module 

  • Submission of iHub grant applications 

  • Posting of on-campus employment opportunities 

Students have a lot of demands on their time and energy; they have to juggle school, work, family, and friends, which can be very stressful! There is often so much on their plate that it can feel like there is no time for self-care. 

Thrive is an online collection of events, activities, tips and resources to help students be well; it is built on research findings that focusing, in multiple dimensions of life such as physical, social, emotional, environmental, etc., contribute to overall wellness and thus academic performance. Thrive helps students connect with events and resources that can help them intentionally focus on wellness in all these areas of life. Also, the programs empower students to support each other and allow for the further creation of a community of care where the wisdom and skill of students are honored and amplified. 

VIU cares deeply about the mental health of our students and our community. Thrive Events and programs add another vital layer of support for students as they navigate the stresses of academic life. 

When Faculty at VIU partner with the Peer Supported Learning (PSL) program they are getting two programs in one.  The PSL program provides both academic support to the students enrolled in their course and valuable leadership experience to a senior student. What sets this academic support program apart from other programs is the faculty recommended PSL Leader attends the class again and offers free, regularly scheduled study sessions that focus on the difficult material from the course, note taking and study skills and how to succeed at learning at university.  It provides connection to peers, the material and to resources on campus. Faculty can choose their level of involvement, such as meeting periodically with the PSL Leader to decide what should be reviewed in these study sessions and reviewing how the material will be reviewed.  We value our partnerships with faculty and strive to ensure that having a PSL Leader in your classroom is a rewarding experience for everyone.