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ACER Coordinator


Awareness of Climate change through Education and Research (ACER) is a public outreach initiative aimed at engaging youth in knowledge mobilization, responsible public policy and sustainable energy solutions related to global climate change.  The ACER Coordinator will work with high schools, community groups and aboriginal participants to develop and schedule presentations (this year these may be solely online) related to the science and social implications of climate change with particular attention to coastal British Columbia.  The ACER Coordinator also organizes student volunteers for the presentations, facilitates student training sessions and leads monthly meetings to ensure that everyone is aware of upcoming ACER activities and to review the latest climate related science and news.  They also organize and MC the annual Climate Change Symposium, which include professional development workshops for teachers and students to enhance presentation skills, scientific literacy and social responsibility.

Position Overview

The ACER Coordinator will develop important career related skills, including communication, critical thinking, numeracy and problem solving strategies.  The position will also lead to the development of personal management skills by being responsible for continued learning and the completion of specific tasks, being adaptable to feedback from faculty advisors, working productively as part of a team and participating in a larger group with multiple project partners.  This project supports community-based events, summer camps for children and tourism activities (when allowable for Covid19 conditions). It relates directly to ecosystem health, environmental protection and addresses skilled trade shortages in technology fields.

Example presentation and hands-on activities include:

1. Grandparents University - a summer program for children and their grandparents on the Vancouver Island University campus  

The following can be done in person or in an online environment:

  1. Plugged in to Carbon Dioxide - an interactive activity aimed at demonstrating our carbon footprint
  2. Beyond Climate Change - the power of innovation and imagination for a vision for a sustainable future
  3. Ocean Acidification - the effects of climate change on marine ecosystems and shellfish aquaculture
  4. Evidence Based Decision Making - tools for better public policy and personal growth

Position Requirements

This position requires a University student with a demonstrated knowledge of the science and social implications of climate change and familiarity with the existing ACER presentations and demonstrations.  The successful applicant must be a well-organized, reliable, and self-motivated individual, possess excellent communication and inter-personal skills and have a passion for teaching and learning about the environment. Applicants must have a valid drivers license and be willing to travel to schools and remote communities (if allowable due to Covid19 conditions). Experience working with youth in an educational setting is an asset.  The successful applicant will also have a range of skills and knowledge that include some of the following: laboratory experimentation, electronics, web design, videography, public speaking, creating visual displays and demonstrations.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Oral Communication
  • Information Literacies
  • Disciplinary Expertise
  • Collaboration

Position Type

  • This is a volunteer position
  • Number of positions: 1

Sign-Up Directions

For more information, please contact Jeff Lewis at