Athletics and Recreation

Student Athlete, Rugby - Mariners Club Sports


The Mariners Club Sports program has a strong focus on academic achievement alongside athletic success while fostering a commitment to community engagement.

Position Overview

In this role, Program Leads will be required to develop content such as schedules, process documentation, program outlines, curriculum development, and marketing materials.

Program Leads will assist in creating staff training modules, as well as assisting with the delivery of the training. During camp sessions, Program Leads will provide leadership to camp instructors and instruct and lead programming. They will facilitate before and after care, check-ins and registration.

Program Leads will develop and lead programming for the Vancouver Island University campVIU pilot program, operating under VIU Athletics and Recreation. They will provide leadership for the campVIU and the Mariners in Training camp programs.

The Leads will develop operational and procedural content. They will liaise with both internal staff and stakeholders, and provide customer service to external clients.

Position Requirement

  • First Aid Certification is mandatory

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in active learning, capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, information literacies, oral communication, and safe and ethical practices.

Sign Up Directions

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