VIU Co-Curricular Record Benefits

For Students:

  • Co-curricular engagement and a holistic university experience, and contributes to student success

  • Students can emphasize their Co-Curricular Record in interviews for graduate programs and career aspirations

  • Engaging in opportunities to develop VIU’s Graduate Attributes helps students develop and articulate relevant knowledge and skills that can be demonstrated to employers and for applications/awards

  • Provides a platform for students to involve themselves within the community

  • Students receive recognition for their commitment to co-curricular learning

  • Enhances student self-awareness and develops professional competencies

For Faculty/Staff:

  • Officially facilitates and records opportunities for experiential learning outside the classroom that is relevant to their respective academic areas

  • The CCR program at VIU provides faculty and staff an opportunity to support and recognize their students’ non-credit experiential learning

  • To promote student engagement in their activities