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ECEC Peer Support and Research Coordinator

Position Overview

ECEC Peer Support and Research Coordinator (2 positions - 25 hours each per term)
Must be a current FULL TIME second year ECEC student. 
Set up a check in buddy system that links up a 1-1 connection between a first year and second year student.
Also recruit students for both roles.
Create 1-1 support between students around resources that are available for students on campus as well as in the committees
Create potential research engagement opportunities for peers
Create, implement and evaluate activities/guest speakers/events that create an ECEC student community with our 3 VIU campus cohorts (Nanaimo, Powell River and Cowichan).
Support students' academic work by hosting workshops or presenting available resources.
Develop inclusive activities that support the needs of the ECEC students on all campuses in order to create a sense of belonging to the VIU community.
Use their own individual creativity to develop a wide variety of experiences that connect the 3 campuses together (ie: game nights, how to do APA formatting, virtual cooking classes, virtual talent show, cultural celebrations, guest speakers, connect to VIU Navigators, organize group first aid course, etc.)
Work as a team player with your fellow student coordinator to create, implement and evaluate the events that you host for your fellow ECEC cohorts
Student coordinators will communicate via email / in-person and /or zoom with their supervisor to provide a schedule of upcoming student events. They will also communicate with ECEC students in the VIU Learn ECEC Peer Support Hub.
Work towards full filling the requirements of the Graduate Attributes as outlined in the job description.
Follow VIU's Guiding Principles for working on campus.
Follow VIU and BC's Guiding Principles for COVID 19.
Students will share the 50 hours between 2 students per term so working as a team player is vital (25 hours per semester, per student.
Position runs September to March.

Position Requirements

Requirements of the ECEC Peer Support and Reseach Coordinator:
Must be in the VIU ECEC program and in the process of completing their 2 year diploma (2nd year student).
Must be familiar with using ZOOM and will to try out other platforms if needed.
Must be willing to work in a team situation with a fellow ECEC student to create, implement and evaluate experiences for others students.
Must be familiar with using VIU Learn.
Must be willing to reply to students questions within 48 hours.
Students will need to check in with their supervisor once every week to give updates.
Must be a self starter and independent.
Ability to be creative to connect with students.
Must be a Nanaimo student as all events will be at the Nanaimo Campus.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in safe and ethical practices, capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, and oral communication.

Sign Up Directions 

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