Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning

Hub Development Facilitator


Facilitated the growth of The Hub space on campus, honing project management and collaboration skills, and enhanced co-curricular engagement through data analysis and research.

Position Overview

A Hub Development Facilitator is responsible for fostering the growth and development of a hub, which could be a physical space like an innovation center or a virtual platform for collaboration. This role involves using project management skills to plan, execute, and oversee projects that contribute to the hub's expansion and success. The facilitator is expected to work collaboratively with various stakeholders, including team members, partners, and possibly community members, to ensure that the hub's offerings are meeting the needs of its users.
The facilitator must also engage in data analysis and research to inform decisions and strategies for hub development. This could involve analyzing usage patterns, gathering feedback, and staying informed about industry trends to identify opportunities for co-curricular engagement and to enhance the hub's value proposition. The role requires a mix of analytical and interpersonal skills, as the facilitator will be expected to translate data insights into actionable plans and to communicate effectively with a diverse group of individuals. Overall, the Hub Development Facilitator plays a critical role in ensuring the hub remains a dynamic and valuable resource for its intended audience.

Position Requirements

  • Ability to work independently
  • Interest in creating opportunities on campus for student leadership and development
  • Interest in developing a thorough understanding of student engagement
  • Event management experience
  • Proficiency with online platforms such as Zoom
  • Strong time management skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Creative outlook on improving services
  • Proficient written communication skills
  • Interest in collaboration with diverse groups
  • Ability to initiate and maintain conversations with team members
  • Understanding of Co-Curricular Record and Involvement Application systems.

Graduate Attributes

  • Technological Literacy
  • Written Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Capacity to Engage in Respectful Relationships 

Sign Up Directions

Contact Telanie Moolman at for more information.