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World Traveller - Education Abroad


Student mobility programs help to prepare VIU graduates for an increasingly interconnected world. Education Abroad Ambassadors are VIU students, returned from an international experience, who have chosen to complete the optional VIU Learn Education Abroad Re-Entry course to continue their individual reflections upon their learning experience abroad.

Position Overview

Education Abroad Ambassadors will have completed a Pre-Departure Orientation course on VIU Learn, informing their subsequent international experience. Upon their return to Canada, this position will reflect upon this valuable experiential learning opportunity through a variety of interactive activities in a Re-Entry VIU Learn course.

Education Abroad Ambassadors will consider how their international trip generated desirable graduate attributes, global competencies, and other transferable skills that will improve their future employment and academic prospects.

Position Requirements

  • Completion of the Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation course on VIU Learn;
  • Completion of an Education Abroad student mobility program (Exchange, Field School, Internship, Practicum, etc.)
  • Completion of the reflective Education Abroad Re-Entry course on VIU Learn.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Active Learning
  • Inquiry and Ways of Knowing
  • Capacity to Engage in Respectful Relationships
  • Integrative Learning
  • Intercultural Perspective
  • Local Knowledge in a Global Context

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