Fall Cartographic Assistant - Geology


The Research Assistant supports ongoing criminological research projects with duties including data entry and management, researching and synthesizing existing bodies of literature, and managing contacts with community partners.

Position Requirements

The Research Assistant assists compilation of the cartographic component of an upcoming chapter "Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Salish Sea Islands" in a book about the regional geography of the Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, and San Juan Islands archipelago.

The job will involve interpretation and identification of categorized terrestrial ecosystems using air photos, digitization of ecotones, and GIS-based production of a series of terrestrial ecosystem maps. Other duties include assistance with secondary data collection of existing digital geospatial data from the BC Ministry of Environment's Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory, the Islands Trust mapping project, and other sources.

Sign-up Directions

For more information on the application process, please email Hannah Willson, Professor, Geography Department.