Fall Events Coordinator - Work-Op - Liberal and Legal Studies

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The Fall Events Coordinator Assistant manages the Geography Department map and airphoto library. This position files and inventories topographic and thematic maps and aerial photographs. The Fall Events Coordinator also assist with compiling and mapping geographically-based data and collaborates with faculty and community partners on mapping projects. As well as, they assist with the maintenance of the department website, social media, and event notices.

Position Requirements

Liberal Studies at VIU provides its students with a deep background in the foundational works of the western intellectual, artistic, and scientific tradition. Liberal Studies also provides experiential learning opportunities via extra-curricular opportunities. Under the supervision of Professor David Livingstone, the successful candidate will serve in a dynamic and varied position helping to coordinate several of these activities.

The position demands a detail-oriented person with excellent time management skills who can work independently with minimal supervision, who has demonstrated good writing and research skills.

The successful candidate will:

  • Serve as an assistant to the editor for the Compass Rose journal, establishing timelines for submission to the journal, monitoring the flow of manuscripts through the editing process conducted by the editorial board, and posting final copy to the Compass Rose web site
  • Help the Department coordinate the annual fall conference, which provides Liberal Studies students the opportunity to present their work to one another in a formal conference setting

Professor Livingstone is also the Coordinator of the VIU Law Network on campus, and so the candidate will also play a role in coordinating activities for VIU Law Network members.

Typically, a VIU student who as recently taken the LSAT exam talks about their experiences at least one event in the Fall term. If applicable, the Assistant would help with this event. Other speakers events will also be considered.

Finally, this position involves conducting internet-based research on the state of liberal arts programs in North America, including curriculum revisions, employment prospects, and future challenges.

Sign-up Directions

For more information on the application process, please email David Livingstone, Professor, Political Studies, Liberal Studies Co-Chair.