Clone of Fall Intern - Education Abroad

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Contributed to the engagement of VIU students in Education Abroad programming.

Position Requirements

The Education Abroad Intern will be responsible for creative and innovative promotion of student mobility opportunities such as the VIU Exchange Program, Field Schools/Field Trips, international internships, and international practica coordinated through the Education Abroad department. It also includes active support of the VIU Exchange Agent program, the International Stipend program, WorldVIU Days and International Development Week events and other intercultural training and programming. The intern will be expected to be involved in planning and organizing a wide range of events and activities across campus that engage the entire VIU student body in learning about and participating in Education Abroad. This could include planning and organizing student networking events, social media campaigns, promotional blitzes, student volunteer recruitment and scheduling, student focus groups, student survey and/or data collection, assisting with student training sessions, distributing promotional materials, preparing student resource packages and organizing information sessions and displays. This internship further supports the successful peer-to-peer marketing and engagement model that has already been proven successful at VIU for increasing engagement of VIU students in Education Abroad programming.

Sign-up Directions

For more information on the application process, please email