Fall Outdoor Recreation Assistant - Outdoor Recreation Program

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The Outdoor Recreation Assistant attended outdoor activities and assisted student participants throughout the experience.

Position Requirements

The Work Op will assist the Outdoor Recreation Technician and appropriate contractors with the Outdoor Recreation Program’s mid week and weekend activities. This includes assisting on: white water rafting, sea kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, caving, snowshoe, crosscountry skiing, surfing, and other outdoor based activities.
The Work Op will be responsible for attending pre-trip meetings and helping to prep and organize equipment for a given activity.
The Work Op will help deliver basic instruction and direction to other students under the supervision of the Outdoor Recreation Technician.
The Work Op will coach and encourage other students while they are participating in a given activity.
The Work Op will assist other staff in the post-trip evaluation and clean up of equipment.
Outside of midweek and weekend activities the Work Op will assist the Outdoor Recreation Technician in the inventory of equipment.
The Work Op will also have to clean and help maintain the Outdoor Recreation Programs equipment.
The Work Op may have to assist the Technician in scouting out new trips for the Outdoor Recreation Program.
The Work Op will have to wash and clean program vehicles during the semester as required.

Previous experience instructing and supervising in the outdoors is a benefit.
A basic first aid certification or other industry tickets relating to the outdoors is an asset.
However, a positive attitude and willingness to learn are more important than any outdoor certifications and previous experience.

Sign-Up Directions

For information on the application process, please email