Languages Monitor - Modern Languages


This student position works with students to build language skills, and works with instructors in developing language learning materials.

Position Requirements

The Languages Monitor will:

  • Assist instructors with audiovisual material preparation for language lab and related course activities. This content includes videos, Powerpoint graphics, course materials updates, department website updates, etc.
  • Check all computers, headphones and other equipment in the Lab regularly during the semester and report any problems/needed repairs/missing equipment or materials promptly to the instructor and/or to the IT Help desk;. Report any software issue or headphone problem to the relevant instructor or to the supervisor.
  • Compile and file records of Lab student attendance by sign in sheet - during the set Language lab times in Bldg. 356, Room 340.
  • Assist instructors with computer-based research and compilation of materials and resources for classes: This includes updating weblinks, preparing posters and other visual material, compiling video resources, and assisting with promotional activities (such as putting up posters, distributing flyers, etc.).

Sign-Up Directions

For more information on the application process, please email Hope Leith, Professor and Chair of the Modern Languages Program, Arts and Humanities.