Spring Global Engagement Assistant - Global Engagement

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The Spring Global Engagement Assistant works during the Spring semester to help support and organize VIU's campus-wide Global Engagement activities.

Position Requirements

The Global Engagement Assistant will play a significant role supporting and organizing VIU's campus-wide Global Engagement activities.

They will:

  • Coordinate Global Engagement events, including WorldVIU Days and Global Citizens Week
  • Conceptualize event ideas and implement them, including booking rooms, AV equipment, food, refreshments, invitations, marketing, supplies, materials and follow up, where necessary
  • Assist with the design and creation of marketing materials and communications products to promote VIU Global Engagement activities
  • Create content for Global Engagement websites and social media channels (text, photos, multimedia)
  • Write accurate, tactful and motivating messages to students, faculty, staff and the community. (text, email, blogs, etc.)
  • Provide support to International Development projects
  • Facilitate student activities, including presentations and activities that help Canadian and international students get to know one another

Sign-up Directions

Learn more of the main events: visit WorldVIU and Global Citizens Week.