Summer Ethics Certificate Developer and Labour Market Researcher - Philosophy Program Support

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The position involves co-developing a new applied ethics certificate for students at VIU. It requires researching potential demand and labour market benefits of the proposed certificate, making recommendations on the program format/model, and co-writing a program proposal.

Position Requirements

The position involves working with the Philosophy Department, primarily the Chair, in developing an embedded applied ethics certificate program at VIU.

The student would:

  • Research applied ethics certificates at other institutions
  • Determine student demand and labour market demand through various means (e.g., reports, interviews, surveys)
  • Contact other VIU departments offering applied ethics courses, e.g., Computer Science, to consider possible collaboration
  • Analyze research data and make program recommendations
  • Help develop the program model
  • Collaborate in drafting and co-writing the program proposal

Sign-up Directions

We already have a candidate in mind for the position.