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BSN Students Supporting Indigenous Communities for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics


BSN faculty and students were invited to supported Indigenous communities for COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Position Overview

HHS BSN Faculty member Tina Pereza Rolls was approached by First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Regional Nurse Manager, Vancouver Island Region Francine Gascoyne. Francine is a graduate of VIU BSN program (Class of 2013). Valuing the significance of relationships and maintaining and sustaining of these, a historic and timely collaboration of teaching and learning opportunity on cultural safety, cultural humility, and pandemic response was created and implemented between VIU and FNHA. BSN students were provided with an opportunity further their understandings related to truth and reconciliation in Canada. Through civic engagement and intellectual and practice skills, BSN students were provided with opportunities to be respectful and responsive with Indigenous communities by actively taking part in the pandemic response and engage in health promotion. Expectations included coming prepared by coming to know more about Indigenous communities that the students were being invited into, gain a better understanding of truth and reconciliation in Canada and health care; successfully complete BC Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 immunization competency course; prepare, assess, teach, administer, evaluate, and follow up post administering the vaccine.

Position Requirements

  1. Watch the video Sharing Our Journey: Cultural Safety “on the Ground” at COVID-19 Immunization Clinics and continue on your journey to understand our history of Colonialism in Canada and the health and social inequities and harms that Indigenous Peoples experience to this day.​​​
  2. Watch the video: Cultural Safety in the Face of a Pandemic: Historic and Contemporary Realities through a Trauma Informed Lens with Harley Eagle, UBC Learning Circle, Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health.
  3. Barton, S. S. & Foster-Boucher, C. (2020). Indigenous health. In L.L. Stamler, L. Yiu , & A. Dosani (Eds.). Community Health Nursing: A Canadian Perspective, 5th ed. (133-156).
  4. Come to know more about the community you are supporting.
  5. Island Health LMS: BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization Competency Course for Nurses (RNs, RPNs, LPNs).
  6. Island Health LMS: BCCDC COVID-19 Immunization for Older Children and Adolescents.
  7. Review the Mature Minor Consent Script for COVID-19 Vaccinations.
  8. Review and practice intramuscular injections.
  9. Participate in vaccine clinic.
  10. Reflect verbally and in writing about learning experience.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Scientific Literacy
  • Historical Understanding
  • Inquiry and Ways of Knowing
  • Foundations for Lifelong Learning
  • Indigenous Perspective
  • Local Knowledge in a Global Context

Sign Up Directions 

For more information, please contact Tina Pereza Rolls RN, BScN, MN, CCCI, CCNE at