Business Students Association - Director of Social Events


The Director of Social Events supported all portfolios in various capacities, managed the website, implemented stress management strategies and provided feedback to the President.

Position Overview

The Business Students’ Association at Vancouver Island University is dedicated to providing business students with opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom in order to develop a network of professional, passionate, and community-focused leaders who are not afraid to continually incorporate the art of fun.

As the coordinator of all social events presented by the BSA, the Social Events Director is responsible for various aspects of each event to ensure its success as well as perceived brand representation within the community. Responsibilities regarding event coordination include managing the overall event process, logistics for execution of each social event, developing a timeline prior to the event and a day of event timeline, acquiring necessary licenses, following a budget, as well as coordinating with venues, photographers, music/DJ, food and drinks, ticket sales, and decorations. In addition to these responsibilities, the Director Social Events is responsible for professionally representing the BSA to students, faculty, and the local community, developing strong relationships and contact points with the various venues and/or community members involved, and working alongside as well as reporting event progress to the Vice President of Events.

Position Requirements

  • Minimum time commitment for this position is three hours a week.

Graduate Attributes Associated

The student in this position will gain skills in written and oral communication, informational literacies, collaboration, cr

Students in this position will gain skills in the capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, critical thinking, foundations for lifelong learning, integrative learning, and oral communication

creative thinking, and capacity to engage in respectful relationships.

Sign-up Directions

Candidates are selected by an application process. The recruitment process commences in early March for Directors. Please contact for details.