Business Students Association - Director of Workshops


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The Director of Workshops was the coordinator of academic workshops to provide more experiential learning opportunities for students.

Position Overview

The Business Students’ Association at Vancouver Island University is dedicated to providing business students with opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom in order to develop a network of professional, passionate, and community-focused leaders who are not afraid to continually incorporate the art of fun.

The Director of Workshops is responsible for engaging with BSA members and providing academic experiential learning opportunities. This entails building relationships with faculty and professionals and having them host professional development workshops for students to attend. Responsibilities include assessing the needs/wants of students for workshop ideas, planning, organizing, and implementing workshops for students and developing a system to share workshop resources to all members. The Director of Workshops works alongside the Vice-President of Academics to provide academic based opportunities for BSA members.

Position Requirements

  • Minimum time commitment for this position is three hours a week.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in active learning, capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, foundations for lifelong learning, and written communication.

Sign-up Directions

Candidates are selected by an application process. The recruitment process commences in early March for Directors. Please contact for details.