Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning

CCR Talks Presenter - Co-Curricular Record


Presented engaging talks on campus/community involvement, honing public speaking and leadership skills, while exemplifying VIU Graduate Attributes.

Position Overview

The position of a CCR Talks Presenter involves delivering engaging presentations that focus on the importance and benefits of campus and community involvement. The role requires the individual to possess strong public speaking and leadership skills, as they will be responsible for effectively communicating and inspiring their audience. The presenter must be able to articulate the value of co-curricular activities and how they contribute to personal and professional development. Additionally, the presenter is expected to embody and promote the VIU Graduate Attributes, which may include qualities such as critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and global citizenship. This role not only contributes to the enrichment of the campus community but also allows the presenter to further develop their own skills and attributes that are essential for their future career and personal growth.

Position Requirements

  • Proficiency in PowerPoint or similar presentation software,
  • Public speaking skills,
  • Leadership abilities,
  • Understanding of VIU Graduate Attributes,
  • Ability to adhere to presentation guidelines,
  • Time management skills to ensure each slide is presented within 25 seconds,
  • Experience with or knowledge of campus/community involvement topics.

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Oral Communication
  • Technological Literacy
  • Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking
  • Capacity to Engage in Respectful Relationships
  • Foundations for Lifelong Learning

Sign Up Directions

Contact Telanie Moolman at for more information.