International Education

Committee Member - World University Service of Canada VIU Local Committee


The VIU-WUSC Local Committee Member participates in a campus-based student group that supports student refugees in their integration to Canadian social and academic life. The student organizes fundraising events and engages the campus and community on migration issues.

Position Requirements

VIU’s WUSC Local Committee is a campus-based student group working towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world. 

The student member will:

  • Support student refugees in their integration to Canadian social and academic life
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Engage their campus and community on migration issues

WUSC Committee members are making a true difference in the world while gaining valuable leadership experience.

Since the Committee’s formation in 2008, VIU has sponsored two student refugees per year from countries such as Somalia, South Sudan and Syria, to resettle in Canada and study at VIU.

With funding from VIU’s Faculty of International Education and an annual student levy through the VIU Student’s Union, VIU’s WUSC Local Committee has sponsored the students’ tuition, food, shelter, clothing and other costs during their first year in Canada.

Committee volunteers hold several fundraising events throughout the year, including the annual Harambee Gala Dinner in the spring semester, to raise additional money to support student refugees.

Committee members can hold a specific role, or contribute as general members.  
Meetings are held on a weekly basis throughout the academic year (September to May).  In order to qualify for inclusion on the Co-Curricular Record, students should attend meetings regularly throughout the year and actively contribute to the Committee.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in capacity to engage in respectful relationships, collaboration, foundations for lifelong learning, integrative learning, active learning and safe and ethical practices

Sign Up Directions

Why you should join the WUSC Committee:

  • Connect with your campus and community to have a real impact!
  • Take part in a unique refugee resettlement program & learn about forced migration
  • Develop professional & personal skills
  • Become part of the largest network of its kind in Canada:  85+ campuses!
  • Have loads of fun, learn & make connections to last a lifetime
  • Attend weekly meetings (time and place determined in September)
  • Connect with a group of like-minded individuals to create a positive and tangible effect on the world!

Learn more about VIU's Local WUSC Committee, or email