Director of Corporate Relations (Academic) - Business Students' Association

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Coordinator between BSA partners for academic events, is responsible for building and maintaining a professional relationships both verbally and written.

Position Requirements

The Business Students’ Association at Vancouver Island University is dedicated to providing experiential learning opportunities for students to help the development of the business leaders of tomorrow.

As a coordinator of corporate relations for academic events, the director is responsible for building and maintaining external relationships with partners of the BSA. Responsibilities include understanding the needs of the association in regard to academic events (i.e. which require funding and what in-kind donations can be utilized) and seeking out and building partnerships to meet those needs of the association. In addition, responsibilities include coordinating with the Director of Corporate Relations- Social and the VP of External to ensure all needs of the association are met with external partnership and the integrity of the BSA is maintained throughout all forms of communication. Estimated time commitment is 3 hours per week. 

Sign-up Directions

Candidates are selected by an application process. The recruitment process commences in early March for Directors. Please contact for details.