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Education Activity Student Lead - Wellness


The Sexual Conduct Education and Response Steering Committee (SCERSC) Education Activity Student Lead (SL) worked to maintain a safe and respectful learning, working, and living environment where students feel free from sexual misconduct and violence. The SL promoted, organized, delivered, and participated in a number of educational events, campaigns, and initiatives aimed at promoting sexual health, consent, healthy relationships, and supportive communities. Through innovation, collaboration and dedication, the SL sought to increase knowledge, awareness, and respectful behaviours among VIU students.  

Position Overview

The Student Lead (SL) works closely with the Sexual Conduct Education and Response Steering Committee (SCERSC) to make available programs and resources to educate its community so that members have the resources to understand and prevent sexual misconduct, to respond effectively and supportively as bystanders or confidantes, and to access support services when they are affected by sexual misconduct.

The SL organizes, promotes, and delivers sexual violence prevention education events and campaigns. The SL supports the creation of online education content and communication strategies for sharing resources and information. The SL attends SCERSC meetings and provides valuable student input on SCERSC planning and priorities. The SL supports all other activities of the SCERSC as requested.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in safe and ethical practices, oral communication, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and capacity to engage in respectful relationships.

Sign Up Directions

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