International Education

Event Volunteer - World VIU Days


WorldVIU Days Volunteer students will help imagine, develop or implement events that raise awareness of and build appreciation for the cultural diversity that we have on our campuses.  The WorldVIU Days events happen during the Fall semester.

Position Requirements

Culture influences the way we make sense of the world - our world view.  At Vancouver Island University, WorldVIU Days is a week-long annual event, and one of the ways we use to explore cultural influences.  The events raise awareness and build appreciation for the cultural diversity on our campuses.  It is an opportunity to celebrate culture and to recognize the richness that diverse perspectives bring to our campus and community.

Every year many faculty, staff and students work with event organizers to engage the VIU community in WorldVIU Days.  Events take place over the first week of November.  Volunteers are needed before, during and after the week. 

They are supported by:

  • The VIU Days Coordinator
  • Intercultural Learning & Support
  • The Intercultural Activities Coordinator
  • The Internationalization Events Student Coordinator.

Sign Up Directions

We rely on the contributions of VIU students to make our annual week of events successful and fun!

Volunteer duties can include:

  • Facilitating a WorldVIU Days event
  • Hosting a Cultural Booth
  • Sharing a Performance
  • Joining the World Fashion Showcase
  • Working behind the scenes on promotional and marketing projects
  • Being a “stage hand” doing event set-up and take down

For more information and to become a WorldVIU Days volunteer please visit or email Darrell Harvey, Coordinator, International Projects & Internationalization, International Education.