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Executive Leader - University Christian Ministries


Executive leaders are elected by registered members of UCM. These leaders serve as an integral role in ensuring the running of the UCM events. They provide overall leadership, strategic vision, and collaborative efforts in overseeing, organizing, and co-ordinating with the other ministries within UCM for weekly meetings and special occasions/events.

Position Requirements 

Expected to be present for each weekly gathering, arriving 1 hour prior to assist in set up as well as leadership meeting to go over the agenda for the night. During the night, Executive Leaders will take care of any issues that arise, as well as connect with the people who come out. One Executive will be the ‘host’ for the evening, doing announcements, prayer, facilitating the different transitions through the evening, as well as ensuring that the evening follows the projected timeline given during the meeting prior. Afterwards, they are to continue to connect with other members of UCM, assist and facilitate take down, clean up, and setting up the room back to its original state. They are also expected to attend and take part in the debrief meeting at the end of the night.

As well as overseeing the weekly gatherings, they are to oversee and co-ordinate special occasions/events (Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter, etc.) This oversight includes co-ordinating along with the other ministries, gathering volunteers, and executing the event. Additional meetings are at the discretion of the Executive that is in charge of the event. They’re expected to engage in discipleship with 1-2 students throughout the school year with the hope of training and equipping the students in various leadership skills required for their role. Additionally, there are monthly strategic planning meetings that occur once a month and are approximately three hours in length. 

Sign Up Directions

This position is held by individuals that are nominated by registered members of VIU UCM, vetted by the previous Executive Leadership team and then elected by the members. Nominations open at the end of January and the election is held in mid-February.