Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning

Funding Practitioner - Student Research Team


Funding Practitioners were engaged in writing and submitting one or more funding applications.

Position Overview

The Student Research Team (SRT) will provide members with a generalized research skill set that is applicable to any discipline. As a member gains an increased aptitude for research, there will be opportunities for apprentices to move into positions of practice and mentorship. The SRT is the largest multidisciplinary student research group on campus and allows for enhanced social, scholarly, and research connections.
Funding Practitioners must complete a minimum of 15 hours of participation. If the student reaches the stage of submission, then the minimum time expectation is met. Activities may be covered in-class or in-addition to class requirements.
Funding can include grants, scholarships, and awards, contingent on research-related. Students may submit applications themselves or as part of a group. The synopsis is submitted to the SRT Coordinator and may be used to inform future students about funding opportunities.
In addition, there will be one social event per semester organized by the Coordinator to provide for greater cross-campus and interdisciplinary connections between team members. A couple of faculty researchers will present ‘TED Talk’ style presentations.

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in collaboration, disciplinary expertise, written communication, and technological literacy

Position Requirements


Funding Practitioners were engaged in writing and submitting one or more funding applications.
Participation in preparing a funding application that gets submitted to the relevant funding body
Prepare a written synopsis of the fund and application process
Minimum 15 hours of participation

Sign Up Directions

For more information please contact Kendra Stiwich, Student Research Engagement Coordinator, Scholarship, Research, and Creative Activity Office at