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Culture Collage is a multi-dimensional intercultural learning program that allows post-secondary international students to share their stories with local elementary school children. By hearing these stories, the goal is to help elementary school children develop intercultural awareness. By telling their stories, the secondary goal is to connect international students with the community and help them develop presentation skills and intercultural awareness. The program is rooted in intercultural competence theory and aims to provide a learning opportunity for international VIU students and elementary students alike.

Position Requirements

Participation in the program includes:

- Training & monthly meetings/professional development sessions
- A place to share your experiences and adventures from abroad with like-minded, globally engaged students
- The opportunity to enrich intercultural skills gained from studying abroad
- Recognition on the Co-Curricular Record (recognized activity)
- A flexible list of engagement activities & the opportunity contribute creative ideas

Sign Up Directions

We are always looking for additions to our team and recruit new agents every Fall & Spring semester. Application forms will be available on our website 1 month before the start of a new semester. For more information, see: