HUB Facilitator - HUB -Student Engagement Program

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The HUB Facilitator plans events throughout the year at the HUB Student Engagement Space, maintains the space and makes sure all the internal rules and guidelines are followed. The HUB Facilitator leads weekly meetings with the Hub Community Leaders.

Position Requirements

The mission is to make the HUB an open space where all students from diverse backgrounds feel welcome. Students will be provided with an opportunity to create, attend and host events at the Hub throughout the year.

We want to be inclusive, and to provide information for students so they can engage with opportunities (both paid and volunteer) on and off campus. The goal of the space is to support development and increase the awareness of the Vancouver Island University Graduate Attributes.

The main role of the HUB Facilitator is to promote the HUB space and student engagement in Co-Curricular activities.

Sign-up Directions

Contact Omar Karim, Coordinator, Co-Curricular Engagement at for more information.