VIU's Got Talent Performer - Fun@VIU


Performers participate in the annual VIU's Got Talent show, which requires an audition and several hours of practice before performing.

Position Requirements

VIU's Got Talent is held by Fun@ VIU annually. It is an opportunity for Vancouver Island University students and alumni to express their talent outside of the classroom. Students from all areas and faculties come together to show their support towards our performers. VIU's Got Talent aims to bring together Nanaimo and surrounding areas, as well as producing a safe environment for peers of all ages.

Participants commit to:

  • 15 hours of practice
  • Dedication towards each personal performance
  • Attendance to all mandatory meetings
  • An enhanced individual effort towards the event experience

Sign-up Directions

Contact Omar Karim, Coordinator, Co-Curricular Engagement at for more information.