Interdisciplinary Project Research Assistant - Interdisciplinary Project Research Assistant

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The Interdisciplinary Project Research Assistant position supports the Interdisciplinary Project by investigating models and practices of interdisciplinary studies at other institutions in Canada and internationally. They conduct literature reviews of scholarship on interdisciplinary studies, engage in outreach to other institutions, gather information from VIU students, faculty, and staff, and assist with promotion.

Position Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Project Research Assistant engages in research of scholarly sources, institutional web sites, and online resources, critically evaluating and synthesizing information and documenting findings in various formats, including literature review, spreadsheets, and summary.

The Assistant also engages in outreach to VIU students, faculty, and staff, gathering, documenting, and summarizing information. The position includes promotional and awareness raising activities, including contributing to a web page and designing promotional brochures.

Sign-up Directions

Students can apply for an Interdisciplinary Project Research Assistant Work-Op position, sending a cover letter, resume, and transcripts to Daniel Burgoyne, the Interdisciplinary Project Manager, at

Applicants must have completed at least 60 credits of post-secondary study, with a minimum B average.