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ResSports League Athlete/Participant - Student Residence


This student was a VIU Residences community member who participated in the ResSports League twice or more per month. ResSports League Athletes/Participants were responsible for collaborative engagement, teamwork, and fair play within the context of ResSports League.

Position Overview

As a ResSports League Athlete, students are expected to work with fellow athletes and the ResSports League coordinators to create a fun, supportive, and fair play environment for all participants.

Responsibilities associated with this role include following gym and game rules, listening to the direction of ResSports League Coordinators and referees, and engaging in a respectful and fair manner with all program participants.

Skills that athletes/participants will use over the course of their term include, but are not limited to, respectful and inclusive relationship building, collaborative/creative/critical thinking, physical literacy, and effective communication

Graduate Attributes Associated

Students in this position will gain skills in critical thinking, foundations for lifelong learning, and oral communication.

Job Type

  • This is a participant position
    Number of positions: multiple

Sign Up Directions

For more information, please contact Mike Bauche, Assistant Manager, Residence Life at Michael.Bauche@viu.ca