Student Development Manager - MBA Association

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Coordinate communication between the VIU MBA Society, class representatives from each cohort, faculty, and the Director of Graduate Studies to identify program priorities, gaps, and opportunities for future program development. 

Position Requirements 

The Vancouver Island University (VIU) MBA Society is an autonomous not-for-profit society that is run by students for students. The Society exists to raise the profile of the VIU MBA Program and students on all levels (provincially, nationally and globally); to create connections between MBA students and the wider business community; and to foster next generation leadership with a strong code of ethics and the pursuit of professional excellence. A key activity for the VIU MBA Society is to raise funds for and compete in all levels of MBA competitions.

The Student Development Manager (SDM) coordinates between the MBA Society, the class representatives of each cohort, and the Director of Graduate Studies/Faculty to identify program priorities, gaps and opportunities for future development. This individual is responsible for identifying and organizing workshops that enhance the professional development of VIU MBA students. The SDM helps in addressing any issues that students wish to channel through the MBA Society; helps in addressing any ethical issues and/or concerns raised through the MBA Society, and attends all executive and general meetings. (minimum time commitment:100 hours).

Sign-up Directions

The SDM is selected through a competitive process including an application and interview by a selection committee comprised of current/past MBA Association presidents, MBA Coaches and the Director of Graduate Studies/Faculty. The recruitment process commences in early to mid-fall semester.