Office of Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning

Student Digital Engager - Co-Curricular Involvement App


Engaged with VIU's Co-Curricular App, aiding in digital initiatives, enhancing user experience, and providing support to students and faculty, while developing leadership and tech skills.

Position Overview

The position of Student Digital Engager for the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) App at VIU involves a dynamic role where the individual is responsible for engaging with the digital platform designed to track and showcase students' extracurricular activities. The primary duties include assisting in the development and implementation of digital initiatives aimed at improving the app's functionality and user experience. The Student Digital Engager is expected to provide support to both students and faculty in navigating and utilizing the app effectively, which may involve troubleshooting, offering guidance, and collecting feedback for future improvements. This role is not only customer service-oriented but also provides an opportunity for the individual to develop valuable leadership and technical skills. The Student Digital Engager is expected to work collaboratively with the app development team and other stakeholders, be proactive in identifying areas for enhancement, and contribute to the overall success of the CCR App by ensuring it remains a useful and engaging tool for the VIU community.


  • Proficiency in digital communication platforms
  • Experience with mobile app interfaces
  • Knowledge of user experience (UX) principles
  • Familiarity with social media management
  • Basic graphic design skills (e.g., Canva, Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Understanding of data privacy and cybersecurity basics
  • Ability to troubleshoot common software issues
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in providing customer support or user training
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • Knowledge of current digital engagement strategies
  • Creative problem-solving abilities

Graduate Attributes Associated

  • Technological Literacy
  • Written Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creative Thinking
  • Safe and Ethical Practices
  • Critical Thinking

Job Type

  • This is a paid work op position
    Number of positions: 1

Sign Up Directions

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