Student Employee Lead Caller - Advancement and Alumni Relations


The Lead Caller engages alumni in phone conversations regarding the benefits of alumni membership, and seeks donations for fundraising efforts. The Lead also fills in for the supervisor as needed.

Position Requirements

The Call Centre strives to maintain contact with VIU alumni by making outgoing calls to answer questions, update records and build relationships. The Call Centre focus is on event promotion, volunteer opportunities and fundraising for a wide variety of VIU needs. 

The Lead Callers are students who have previous experience with the Call Centre and who have the technical, communication and leadership skills to lead the other callers through the routine of a calling shift. 

Duties may include:

  • Assisting with training of other callers
  • Coaching and motivating other callers
  • Leading warm-up and wrap-up exercises
  • Equipment set up and take down
  • Assigning calling pools in accordance with the calling plan
  • Assisting with enforcing Call Centre rules
  • Answering questions of other callers
  • Standing in for the Call Centre Supervisor as needed

Sign-up Directions

Learn more about Student Call Centre or Alumni.

For more information on the application process, please email Jim Drysdale, Call Centre Supervisor, Advancement and Alumni Relations.