Student Technical Support Assistant - Lab Support

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The Student Technical Support Assistant is a key role in VIU's Information Technology department. This position provides peer to peer technology help and assist with keeping student computer labs operational.

Position Requirements


  • Assist with keeping Labs operational (weekly)
  • Post weekly lab schedule; restock paper and toners
  • Check computers, monitors, and printers to ensure operation
  • Where possible, inspect the back of each PC for changes to connections or for keylogging equipment
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of these devices to resolve issues
  • Report any issues that cannot be resolved
  • Tidy lab tables, storage cabinets and counter tops
  • Provide Peer to Peer technology support (weekly)
  • Participate in student start up activities and orientation sessions
  • Assist with the creation of student technology support tools (including videos, website, documentation, etc.)
  • Provide peer to peer technology support throughout semester
  • Lab maintenance tasks for all student computers on campus (1 - 2 times/semester)
  • Perform inventories of hardware, software, and furniture
  • Clean computers, monitors, keyboard and mice
  • Assess and maintain computer security
  • Manage computer cables for safety and cleanliness
  • Maintain lab signage and computer and monitor labels
  • Special Projects (as needed throughout the semester)

Students may be required to:

  • Test instructions for use of equipment and network access,
  • Test that equipment is working operationally
  • Replace computers, monitors, keyboard, and mice
  • Analyze and improve computer security

Sign-up Directions

Students may email resumes to Chris Buechler, Service Desk Team Lead, Information Technology.